Who, or what, is TOB

              Gwahoddiad  i  Ddawnsio     -    An Invitation to Dance                    

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          "Dawnswyr Tipyn o Bopeth" are a group of dancers and musicians who display and promote the traditional  dance  heritage  of  Wales at home and abroad.  'Tipyn o Bopeth'  (which can be translated as  'a bit of everything') was so named because the group is formed of individual dancers and musicians who come from different parts of Wales, and beyond, linked by their enthusiasm to display Welsh dances at festivals and other events.

"Tipyn o Bopeth" aims to be fully committed to supporting festivals  - if you want a quiet, restful and inactive holiday, then "Tipyn" is not for you!  We are at a festival to dance or play music throughout the whole event - to hold workshops, visit hospitals, nursing homes, schools, street dance , call 'twmpathau' (ceilidhs /barn dances), socialise with local residents, as well as performing at the higher profile concerts and displays. If a festival urgently needs a sudden "filler event" we are there to help if required.

We actively seek out local dance groups at the festivals we attend -  to forge new friendships, to encourage exchange visits and to sample the local dances. We have enjoyed Irish 'set' dances in several locations in Ireland and our own 'Lord Caernarfon's Jig' is danced in Sweden!! We have found that 'Cader Idris' is known as 'The Family Waltz' or 'The Circle Waltz' in different parts of Europe.

"Tipyn" is famous for one other thing - relationships!!  We have brought together more than one couple in marriage and have another in the "pipe-line"!

Twenty five years on -  we hope that "Tipyn o Bopeth " will continue to dance at the festivals - at new locations, and re-visiting others, where the distinctive black and white costume and tall black hat open conversations and we can tell them about Wales .. and its dances!





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Ffn/Phone: 0044 (0)1994 484496

e-bost/e-mail: bobtob@ic24.net





Who, or what, is TOB





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Who, or what, is TOB
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